Ibis. Watercolour on Arches cold pressed paper.

I sold this one recently, it was a favourite of mine. One of the few watercolour paintings I’ve done over the years.

Now residing in a beautiful home in Sydney.


This is a new painting done from some reference photos from a recent plein air painting trip to Tumut and surrounds. The location is an area called Brungle.


New studio paintings.

Here are a couple of recently completed painting I’ve done in my studio the first is a still life featuring enamel, fruit and veg; the second is a small landscape from the Megalong Valley I did after a brief visit a few months back with an artist friend.

Lemon Lime and Red Pepper

Megalong Valley

This was my first trip to Megalong and I plan to return in the near future to do some more exploring and pleine air painting.

Still Life

I’ve been busy in the studio with a number of works in progress. This is a still life I have recently completed (maybe a couple of small tweaks before I sign it). JB


New Promo Cards

Hi all, with a number of exhibition judging engagements I thought it might be timely to get some new promo cards printed. I have just received them so I thought I’d show them to you. I believe they will complement my business cards. promo-card-front promo-card-back promo-cards

Painting from a dream.

This is a watercolour painting I did some time ago. The painting was the result of a dream; I was in a light sleep and visualised this painting and remembered it when I awoke. The first thing I did was to do a quick sketch and later that day I did the painting. (The actual artwork size is 35cm x 52cm plus the mount and frame dimensions.)


This painting is still for sale and the details are on my website




Pleine Air painting at Tumut April 2016

Here are some  of my results from this years trip to Tumut in Late April.  These paintings are all done pleine air and are studies which may, or may not, be worked into exhibition pieces.

Gilmore Valley near Tumut
Gilmore Valley near Tumut


Hills near Tumut
Hills near Tumut


Tumut River 1
Tumut River


Creek near Gocup road,Tumut
Creek near Gocup road, Tumut


Brungle reserve
Brungle Reserve, at Brungle


JB at Tumut River
Yours truly in my office for the day.

I spent the week with a wonderful group of artists including some of Australia’s best.

The Tumut area in Autumn is beautiful and an outstanding source of scenery for artists.

I hope you like my efforts. JB


Gallery Track.

Studio hanging track installed.


I finally bit the bullet and purchased some professional picture hanging track. Now I can display more pictures rather than have them stored in packaging. JB